What is a Psychometrist?

Written By Colleen Bow (Psychometrist and Neurotherapist)


A Psychometrist is directly involved in administering a variety of cognitive and psychological tests to patients and helping to assess their conditions. Clients may make use of this information for the purposes of self-awareness and growth with the aim of guiding personal development strategies. Identifying one’s areas of strength and weakness can guide decision making regarding further education and training as well as personal growth. Patients may also be referred by a Psychologist for a variety of reasons including cognitive assessment, personality assessment as well as mental illness. The assessment results help the Psychologist to make an accurate diagnosis and plan appropriate treatment strategies. Continue reading

Should you reunite with your ex?

Commented on By Trix O’Callaghan (Counselling Psychologist) - Destiny Magazine, 23 March 2010

You may still love your ex, but have you dealt with the problems that caused the break-up?

If you’re considering getting back together with your ex, you need to think about a couple of factors before diving back into the deep end. The harsh reality is that your previous attempt failed, so in order to make it right the second time around, you’ll need a fresh start. Trix O’Callaghan, a psychologist , advises us how to start over with an old lover: Continue reading

The good news about frustrations in relationships

Written By Trix O’Callaghan (Counselling Psychologist) 

When couples find love and romance they often describe it as one of the happiest times
in their lives. We feel like we are with the perfect person, finally someone who make us
feel loved, who appreciates us and who we can feel safe with. We feel relaxed joyfulness
and full aliveness. Since it feels so good, we decide to make a bond. Continue reading