Should you reunite with your ex?

Commented on By Trix O’Callaghan (Counselling Psychologist) - Destiny Magazine, 23 March 2010

You may still love your ex, but have you dealt with the problems that caused the break-up?

If you’re considering getting back together with your ex, you need to think about a couple of factors before diving back into the deep end. The harsh reality is that your previous attempt failed, so in order to make it right the second time around, you’ll need a fresh start. Trix O’Callaghan, a psychologist , advises us how to start over with an old lover: Continue reading

The good news about frustrations in relationships

Written By Trix O’Callaghan (Counselling Psychologist) 

When couples find love and romance they often describe it as one of the happiest times
in their lives. We feel like we are with the perfect person, finally someone who make us
feel loved, who appreciates us and who we can feel safe with. We feel relaxed joyfulness
and full aliveness. Since it feels so good, we decide to make a bond. Continue reading

Bipolar Mood Disorder

 Written by Dr Barbara Pierce (Adult Psychiatrist)

Bipolar Mood Disorder (BMD), also known as manic depression, is a mental and physical illness characterised by extreme mood swings with changes in energy and behaviour that seriously impedes your ability to function normally.

There are many illnesses in which mood swings can be prevalent, but not everyone with mood swings has BMD. This is why it is so important to see an experienced clinician so that you can be properly assessed and an accurate diagnosis be made. Continue reading

Separation Anxiety

Written By Karin Bronkhorst (Educational Psychologist)

I remember as a child watching Jaws, the movie.  Not surprisingly the tell-tale music signifying the approach of the shark chilled me to the bone.  Wanting to look but trying to do so through the blanket I was tightly clutching to my face.  Paralysing me!  The haunting music; the sense of danger approaching; the spine-chilling fear… Thank goodness we can turn the television off.

For some children though, the scary movie is stuck on a loop inside their minds.  Ghost-like Boogiemen become their constant companions.  Night and day the shadows move closer and when we try to understand their fear, we hear: “I don’t know”.  And so separation anxiety creeps into our minds, our schools, parties and it crawls into bed with us at night.  All bundled up into little beings that are clutching their blanket: mom and dad.

Separation anxiety, which is a natural developmental stage for young children, is one of the most common issues parents have to deal with.  For seemingly no reason your child is scared you are going to die, forget to fetch them, they are going to be stolen, and yes the ghost will get them when they are fast asleep all alone in their own bed – all seemingly with no related trauma or cause. Continue reading