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Psychometric Services Offered

Personality Profiling

Knowing your personality profile can offer insight into your journey of self-development. Through discovering your personality style you will become more aware of the image you project to the world and how others may interpret this, thereby enabling both personal awareness and impacting on the quality of relationships you have with others. Through personality profiling you will become aware of what your interpersonal style is, your coping style and your thinking style. You can also learn how you can best contribute towards a team, what your leadership style is and how your decision making process may affect others, what your natural approach is in social / business situations and how this may be interpreted by others. Through being aware of your personality profile you can not only learn to harness your strengths but also learn to overcome your areas of development. It is only through seeing yourself from an objective standpoint that growth can occur.

For more information please contact Colleen Bow (Psychometrist)

Developmental Assessments

Whether for personal growth or for corporate recruitment programmes, assessing for development potential can be an important step in planning for the future. In a country where the quality of education varies dramatically it is often not enough to know that someone has got a National Senior Certificate. Knowing whether or not that individual has the capacity to learn and grow within a new setting can be more valuable than simply assessing ability. Through assessing potential, we can not only determine whether an individual is capable of thinking in a manner suitable for their current role as well as where their potential lies, but we can also determine what steps can be taken to help them reach their full potential. Being aware of one’s potential can serve as a huge source of motivation for setting and achieving goals, within both a personal and business environment.

For more information please contact Colleen Bow (Psychometrist)

Recruitment Screening Assessments

How do you know that you are hiring the right person? While inviting people into our homes and business settings is an essential part of modern living, we take comfort in knowing that we have done some investigations into that person’s credentials. Finding the right fit for your family or business makes delegating and trusting employees that much easier. Screening for cognitive ability, personality and learning potential can be useful in determining whether potential candidates will turn into long standing employees you can trust. Be it your hard won business or your precious children, trusting others to take care of these is a very difficult decision, one of the most important decisions you can make, so make it an informed decision.

For more information please contact Colleen Bow (Psychometrist)